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Security Academy has more then 50 courses in its curriculum, most of them developed by ourselves or by SECO Institue of which we are the founding body. Trainings are delivered in Antwerp, In Company at our client’s locations and online. All listed trainings below are delivered in Dutch or in English, depending on the audience and customer requirements. In the near future we’ll start delivering trainings in French. As we just recently decided to create an English version of our website to support our international students, we’re still in the process of adding all course outlines in English. For now, if you can’t view your course of interest, you can either connect with us to send you the outlines or have a look at the Dutch website. For an overview of upcoming trainings in Belgium and Online have a look at the Agenda

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Specialized Topics

  • 5E-Learning Security & Privacy Awareness
  • 5Application Security Testing
  • 5Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid
  • 5Certified Security Profiler
  • 5Encryptie & PKI Practitioner
  • 5 ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Essentials
  • 5 ICS/SCADA Hacking Training
  • 5Identity and Access Management
  • 5Incident Response Practitioner
  • 5Linux Introductie Cursus
  • 5 Masterclass Business Resilience
  • 5Masterclass Privacy Governance
  • 5Resilience Managment Principles
  • 5 Security Awareness Officer
  • 5Social Engineering Foundation
  • 5CISO Masterclass

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