Sjoerd van der Schuit

Sjoerd van der Schuit
Crisis Management

About Sjoerd

After having worked as an army officer for about 20 years, Sjoerd made the switch to the fire department in The Hague as deputy commander. He then became Regional Commander in Limburg North. In the latter position he has combated many crises and disasters. As an operational leader, he has extensive experience in dealing with crisis and advising local administrations and professionals.

Sjoerd is a professional with a lot of experience in how to deal with a crisis from the first moment until well into the recovery phase when the recovery of normal business is important.

The mistakes made during crises and disasters are so automatic that even the lessons of history hardly help to prevent them. What does help is training, training and training and someone who helps you evaluate what is good and what needs improvement. Sjoerd is an expert in this field and pays great attention to the learning needs of the students.

The students are paramount for Sjoerd. He encourages them to think about their actions. A learning process in which mistakes are welcome and reflection on personal behavior is essential.

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