Michiel Kuethe

Michiel Kuethe
Crisis Management – AT

About Michiel

Michiel is CEO of In the Picture BV, an organization focused on crisis management & communication. After his studies in the Netherlands and America, Michiel worked for more than 6 years in various positions in the Marketing Communication department at Shell Netherlands. After this he switched to the office world and worked for DMM / Result, PPGH / JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi and as General Director for the Amsterdam design agency De Wit Coppenhagen. Michiel also obtained various national and international professional diplomas. In 1992 he started In the Picture, based on his conviction that not only the communication of the organization, but especially the organization of the communication determines the result!

Michiel is mainly passionate, enthusiastic, enthusiastic and very professional and experienced. He is Senior Lecturer of the Post-HBO Crisis Management Expert course and the Crisis Management Essentials course. He also teaches Crisis Management & Communication modules within a few other courses at the Security Academy and coordinates and leads a number of crisis simulation exercises. Because Michiel is often asked from his own practice to manage various crises and crisis-related circumstances, he can teach today, what he experienced yesterday.

“While less than 20 years ago we first thought of the word crisis mainly as causes such as weather conditions resulting in flooding, fire, collapse, etc., or crises on the basis of aircraft and train hijackings, the playing field has expanded explosively. Think of power failures, cyber crime in all its facets, increasing violence, shootings, fraud, terror, etc. Both government and business can and must prepare for this, ”says Michiel.

Michiel: “A crisis is one of the most vulnerable and most challenging moments of a government or private organization. Being prepared and successful at the time is not only an ethical duty, but also essential for the future of the organization. Increasing vulnerability and complexity of public and / or private organizations require optimal deployment, including in the form of education, training and practice! That is why I am very close to the students during the courses and try to provide answers and / or solutions for their specific questions and experiences as much as possible!

Michiel focuses on three key words in the way of teaching / training:
Discover – Experience – Experienced. Everything in his training therefore runs!

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