Martin Goudzwaard

Martin Goudzwaard
Information Secrity
Management Expert

About Martin

Martin is an independent entrepreneur at the interface of Information Security and Organizational Development. Under the motto: “People make the difference”, he specializes in improving the performance and effectiveness of teams and organizations.
Martin has broad experience as a people manager, trainer, advisor and talent developer within Defense and various government and commercial organizations.

Martin can be characterized as a skilled, experienced and people-oriented professional. An independent senior who works with a strong sense of political relations, reliable and in balance. Martin is a senior lecturer of the information security management track and also teaches in the more administrative and policy modules. He also has a specialty: security awareness. His years of experience and people-oriented approach ensure that the knowledge gained during the training can actually be applied in practice.

The knowledge, working methods and case studies provided by Martin comes directly from practice. In his teaching material there is coherence between the “lessons learned” from the past and the topicality of the “here and now”, in order to be able to build on the future of tomorrow. Attention is also paid to the differentiation that is present in course groups. Each participant receives the attention he / she deserves.

Quality is paramount at Martin. The quality of all teaching materials, but also of the total learning process that participants go through. From the intake in which participants state their wishes up to and including aftercare regarding diplomas and certificates. In addition to managing the implementation process, this also means managing the expectations of participants. So that participants go out the door as ambassadors for the Security Academy.

Martin is also the main developer of the Information-Security Certification track of the SECO Institute.

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