Mariëtte Neumann

Mariëtte Neumann

About Mariëtte

Mariette Neumann is Managing Director of KCS Marketing, a marketing consultancy centrally located in the Netherlands. Business Development is one of the core competencies and KCS Marketing is often hired to market new products and services. They also have knowledge and years of experience with spokesperson, also in crisis situations.

Mariette is passionate about her profession. One of her talents is to translate strategy into a concrete action plan. She is pragmatic and result driven. During her lessons she enthusiastically shares her knowledge about spokesperson.

The knowledge that Mariette shares during her training is relevant because people often find it difficult to deal with the press in crisis, because you do not always have immediate control over the situation and you mainly want to handle the information with care. With the tips and tricks that are given, you can check the situation faster and have a pleasant contact with the press.

When giving training, I think it is important that people can keep their attention. That is why the lessons are alternated with theory, online practical examples and there is a lot of practice, including with the camera.

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