Marcel Feenstra

drs. Marcel Feenstra

About Marcel

Marcel Feenstra has been working in IT for more than 30 years, in positions ranging from programmer to CTO, and in recent years also as a university teacher at the Hague University of Applied Sciences and NOVI. In addition, he was a board member at ISACA NL Chapter for several years. He is currently working on several IT textbooks for higher professional education, commissioned by Boom Hoger Onderwijs.

Marcel takes the profession of teacher seriously, but teaches with great enthusiasm and a sense of humor. Among other things, he provides CISA, CISM and CISSP training and ensures that the sometimes “dry” matter comes to life, so that the students remember it better.

In recent years, not only the technological possibilities have increased rapidly (IoT, AI, Cloud …), but also our dependence on that technology. To prevent malicious parties from taking advantage of it, well-trained people are indispensable to make and keep our society safe!

For courses that train for certification, it is of course important that participants pass the relevant exam. It is at least as important, however, that students actually understand the underlying concepts, so that they can apply them in their daily work.

Marcel therefore regularly checks whether all those present “can still follow it” and explains the material again if necessary. He also deliberately strives for a pleasant atmosphere during the lessons, and he regularly uses practical examples and anecdotes, which make it easier for participants to remember the theory.

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