Luuk Danes

Luuk Danes
Crypto expert

About Luuk

From an early age, Luuk has been interested in the world of secret language. This ultimately led to him turning cryptography into his profession. After first gaining a lot of knowledge and experience with the technical aspects of cryptography, he now helps various organizations with its organizational and strategic aspects. He does this from his company Cryptography in Context.

Luuk always focuses on the needs of the organization in his work. In doing so, he speaks both the language of technology and the business, and where necessary knows how to bridge the gap between these two worlds. In the self-developed Encryption & PKI Practitioner course, he shares his knowledge and more than 10 years of practical experience with the participants.

As a trainer, Luuk teaches the students how encryption and PKI work in practice. Cryptography is often seen as just something technical and it is easy to get lost in in-depth knowledge and details. That is why Luuk focuses mainly on the effective application in practice, such as making the right technical choices and properly organizing key and certificate management.

According to Luuk, a course should be fun and educational. That is why he pays a lot of attention to the current questions of the participants. His starting point is that, after attending the course, the participant can and will immediately apply the newly obtained insights in his own organization.

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