Johan Bakker

Johan Bakker

About Johan

Johan Bakker has worked in the Information Security and Business Continuity field for more than 15 years, as a consultant, policy advisor and until 2012 as CISO of KPN. Johan has been active as an independent consultant and teacher since 2012.

He teaches a number of CISSP modules and the Organizing Information Security module of the ISME post-HBO training. During the lessons Johan will bring the material to life with the necessary anecdotes to increase the practical applicability.

Johan is convinced that theory is only of value if it can be put into practice in a way that suits your organization. It is therefore very important that you understand your organization in terms of business goals, drivers and culture.

When giving a training, Johan will explain, discuss and reflect on the material until students understand the material in such a way that they can actually work with it in their own organization.

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