Jochen den Ouden

Jochen den Ouden
Ethical Hacker

About Jochen

As a cyber security specialist, Jochen den Ouden believes that information security is only possible in an interaction between people, technology and organization. These three links are inextricably linked. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker and provides training in privacy and hacking, as well as hacking companies on an ethical basis to make them aware of their level of information security. Before becoming an independent entrepreneur, he taught computer science at Stenden University.

Jochen is a social IT professional who tells an honest story. A story about the impossibility of perfect information security and about the opportunities that arise when people become aware of risks. He tells in clear language and has an explicit eye for the human side of IT security. He teaches EHF, EHP, ITF, ITP, SPF and AST at Security Academy. Because he also works as a hacker in practice, he can share the knowledge he gains in practice with the students to make it an extra lively course.

Today, in fact, every company has become a software company. All organizations, large and small, use data that must be protected and secured. By following the courses I give, I create awareness and train students to become hackers. By thinking like a hacker you can protect yourself against hackers.

As an ethical hacker, Jochen den Ouden is close to practice. Jochen has seen many companies from the inside and ensures that he can give examples during the training about how the knowledge can be applied. He is a no-nerd, a social figure who can easily switch between people with and without knowledge of information technology.

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