Henk-Jan van der Molen

Henk-Jan van der Molen

About Henk-Jan

As a teacher at Security Academy, Henk-Jan states that Information Security as an island is ineffective. To achieve results, synergy must be found in various areas: ongoing projects, IT management, line management and – last but not least – employees. Each organization has its own context and culture. What works for one organization may need to be adapted for another organization. This requires knowledge, experience, insight and flexibility. With these values ​​Henk-Jan connects theory with practice.

Henk-Jan has nearly 25 years of experience in both government and business, fulfilling positions in various fields: IT, consultancy, privacy, project management and Information security. Henk-Jan studied electrical engineering, supplemented with system development, project management and he is certified as CISSP and CISM. Henk-Jan was one of the first privacy officers in the Netherlands in 2002 and he has worked on the board of the NGFG to further professionalise this position. After that he was the point of contact for the security of the Digital Tachograph at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

Henk-Jan believes in active knowledge sharing and has published more than twenty articles on various topics in IT, project and program management, information policy, audits and information security. The increasing pressure on Cyber ​​Security increases the importance of effective and efficient security. In IT projects, security must come and stay on the agenda as early as possible. Organizational measures and technology must interlock seamlessly. Henk-Jan connects the teaching material with that vision and practical examples.

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