Hans Boudestein

Hans Boudestein

About Hans

Hans Boudestein, is an operational manager who works outside the training activities as senior process manager Operations within the Defense organization. As an “operational animal”, he has held various positions within Defense, but always with an eye for availability and continuity of services to the primary processes (deployment and preparation) within Defense. More than 6 years of experience in teaching post graduate courses in the field of Business Continuity Management complete this work experience.

Hans is also internationally certified in the field of Business Continuity Management, Crisis management and Disaster Recovery at both the Business Continuity Institute (BCI England) and the Business Continuity Management Institute (BCMI Singapore).

Hans is a person who is analytical and pragmatic from within the operation and is used to transferring knowledge and skills to people within organizations at both operational and tactical and strategic level. He is passionate, social, tenacious and skilled, which has partly resulted in his appointment as BCM manager of the year 2008. However, Hans always stands for quality and knowledge transfer, supported by appealing examples that are close to the work and area of ​​interest of the students.

Hans thinks it is important to sketch the big “overall” picture, but to plot it directly to the student’s own environment. He also finds it important to combine the best of different worlds (government & business) and share them as “best practices”.

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