Gert Kogenhop

Gert Kogenhop
(Hon.) MBCI

About Gert

Gert Kogenhop has a background in Finance, HR, Operations, Logistics and ICT, among others as Regional Finance Director Northern Europe at DELL and worked in the United Kingdom. His focus is currently on ensuring the best possible continuity of business for all possible organizations. He is the owner of bcm +, a consultancy company in the field of Business Continuity Management specialized in implementation in accordance with the ISO 22301 standard.

Gert is the developer of the training specifically focused on BCMS in accordance with ISO 22301 and his experience as a coach and consultant ensures a practical training that goes beyond the standard content. He also gives substance to the program “Finance for Security and Business Continuity Professionals”, a module within the Post-HBO program Information Security Management Professional.

Both the training related to BCMS ISO 22301 and the Finance module are focused on practice. There is always sufficient time for discussion and knowledge sharing between all participants. This open character leads to added value for everyone. If you really want to know what is meant by what is in the ISO 22301 standard and if you want to be a serious discussion partner when it comes to the figures in your organization, these are the correct details.

Some qualities that describe Gert are: open, direct, driven, leading, guiding, initiating and producing, but with the emphasis on developing the organization and employees. He knows no problems, only challenges. He has strong analytical skills and is able to find and implement solutions such as “team performance”. Every training he provides translates theory into practice. That is the biggest profit for every participant.

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