Geert Vandenbranden

Geert Vandenbranden
Information Security, Data Protection
& Business Continuity

About Geert

Geert Vandenbranden has extensive experience in ICT (23 years), Information Security (18 years) and Business Continuity (14 years), at strategic, tactical and technical level. In ’93 he started as an IT analyst, distributed service architect and middleware release manager at a large bank. When he started working for a major system integrator, he took on the role of network administrator and Windows security specialist. After a successful Y2K transition, he took advantage of his Windows and network security experience and started working as a Security Engineer and Consultant, rapidly evolving into Information Security Consultancy, providing information on security management and management, business continuity and risk management services.
In addition to these advisory activities, he managed corresponding competence centers, providing tools, reference information, knowledge, training and educational support to colleagues and customers.

Geert is also an active member of the Belgian NB in ​​ISO JTC1 / SC27, in which he further develops his leading standards and his own expertise in the field of information risk and safety management.

Due to his extensive and broad experience within different levels of the organization, he is able to provide useful support and clarification to different target groups. Geert offers training in information security audits and training for practitioners, as well as relevant certification tracks (CISSP, CISSM, CISA).

Thanks to his broad experience, Geert is able to translate any subject with information security into relevant information and guidance for every business function and role. This allows him to make the courses he teaches useful and relevant to his students, regardless of their background or skill level.

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