Ferdinand Uittenbogaard

Ferdinand Uittenbogaard

About Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a straightforward, no-nonsense professional with 25 years of experience in IT. He is a security auditor, a part-time CISO and a privacy specialist. He is also a reservist in the Cyber ​​domain.
His work consists of explaining knowledge about security and privacy risks to others. Ferdinand likes to teach because he needs this skill every day.
Since he gave up smoking for kickboxing 13 years ago, his environment has found him completely zen and without stress. He is married with two daughters.

Ferdinand has a legal background, but teaches Security, Auditing and Privacy. According to him, all information should be based on “evidence”. His favorite questions are: How do you know that? And why do you think that? Occam’s razor and evidence are fundamental to working in the security and auditing fields. And how do we know what we know? (Epistemological discussions are always welcome at Ferdinand)

Knowledge and experience are good to have, but not enough. Certifications are important. Ferdinand gives you the knowledge you need to pass your exams at once without stress.
Ferdinand tries to convey his enthusiasm for his knowledge areas. Security, auditing and privacy are tough topics that can be found boring. But if you learn to appreciate the beauty and complexity, the lessons become fun, practical and educational.

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