Eugenie Verhaar

Eugenie Verhaar

About Eugenie

Eugenie has experience in many areas of IT, such as IT consultant, project leader (software developer and implementation), purchaser, IT policy officer, etc. Since 2010, she has increasingly focused on the information security aspects of IT. She fulfills the role of Security Officer and / or Data Protection Officer for various organizations and companies. She also supports organizations with preparations for certification against ISO 27001 and / or NEN 7510.

Eugenie is involved as a teacher in the training courses on ISO 27001, Information Security and Privacy & Data Protection. She is an enthusiastic speaker, who gives plenty of room for interaction in her training. Due to her extensive work experience, she is able to connect theory with practice. It is easier for students to absorb the material and apply it in practice.

Eugenie always seeks the connection of theoretical knowledge with practice. She encourages participants to bring in practical examples. She also focuses on creating a pleasant atmosphere, with humor and mutual interaction as important ingredients.

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