Ernst Oud

Ernst Oud

About Ernst

Going back in time, Ernst has worked at Microsoft, Deloitte, Urenco, Getronics, Crypsys Data Security, Toshiba and Philips. Since 1981 working in IT, of which more than twenty years in various positions, from support engineer to team manager and from sales to consultant and auditor, actively involved in the field of information security. Ernst has helped many large and small organizations, national and international, with business continuity and information security issues.

Ernst teaches the ISO27001 Certified Practitioner training and provides the module with the subject ISMS in the ISME course. In these courses, the practical experiences that are discussed are especially valued. After the introductions of Ernst, the participants can really get started with the discussed material and tools.

Practice has shown that ad-hoc information security is doomed to fail. A management system – in recent years mostly using ISO27001 or NEN7510, but also ISO9001 can be used – provides structure and guidance and guarantees the steps taken. The worldwide experience with these standards shows that great improvement is then possible.

Theory is in books. Anyone can read it. What matters, however, is that the participants at Security Academy can get to work in practice.

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