Dennis Zandvliet

Dennis Zandvliet

About Dennis

Dennis Zandvliet started his career as an assistant accountant. After a few years, Dennis made the switch to IT. Through programming and management, Dennis is now a freelance consultant with over 13 years of experience in information security, privacy and Identity & Access Management. Dennis advises on legislation and regulations, certification and risk management. In the operational field, Dennis also supports organizations to move to a higher level.

Dennis often acts as a liaison between different stakeholders in organizations. With his hands-on-the-sleeves setting he gets things done.

Because of his experience Dennis can provide the course with practical examples, so that the material remains lively. Dennis can also help you to translate the material into your own environment, so that you as a student immediately get added value from the course.

In addition to the ever-increasing automation of the world around us, the value of information is also increasing. A correct approach to the protection of information and privacy is therefore becoming more important for organizations.

Dennis attaches great importance to the transfer of knowledge. Transferring knowledge is the best way to jointly achieve a high level of information security and privacy.

That is why Dennis also believes that lively interaction between teacher and students, but certainly also between students, has considerable added value.

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