Arjen Verhiel

Arjen Verhiel
IT infrastructure &
security architect

About Arjen

Arjen has been working as a network infrastructure consultant since 1997. Based on his expertise, he advises and designs data networks in which security was a big part of the designs. In recent years, Arjen has been active as a freelancer so that he builds up a broad knowledge of the latest developments regarding (software defined) networks and their security by being active within several organizations.

Arjen is able to easily explain complex technical subjects through a combination of technical knowledge and good communication skills. This helps to make the technical modules of CISSP, CCSP and ITSP understandable.

Because Arjen has worked as a consultant in many large and small organizations, he understands how the theory works out in practice. Adding this information brings the content to life and informative discussions are created during the training sessions.

It is important for Arjen that you are presented in a comprehensible manner. Perhaps even more important is that from his experience anecdotes are shared, which brings it closer to practice.

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