Arie Linsen

Arie Linsen

About Arie

Information security has been an important part of my work since 1996. I approach information security from the angle of information management. Both commercial and technical aspects are discussed, but the human aspects are certainly not forgotten. I have worked a lot on a project basis and carried out interim assignments and have worked as a risk manager / CISO for more than 8 years.

I am always looking for new technologies and try to apply them in practice. In addition, I am also looking for technologies that can help an organization further, for example in improvement initiatives.

At the Security Academy I teach modules in which new technologies are taken as the starting point and from there I explain the possible consequences for the organization, working methods, information security, management, but also for people. Examples include BYOD, Cloud, mobility, etc.

Arie is also the main developer of the Privacy & Data Protection Certification track of the SECO Institute.

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