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Why choose In Company?

  • 9Extensive and always up to date teaching material, offered through our online student portal where you will also find a lot of additional material
  • 9Wide portfolio and the ability to tailor courses specifically to your organization's needs
  • 9An in-company can be given at our location in Belgium or the Netherlands or at your location;
  • 9We work together with various teachers from the field. The most suitable teacher is selected for each in-company assignment

In Company courses

All our courses can also be provided by us as an incompany. It is also possible to tailor courses to the requirements of your organization. We can quickly and properly adapt a course to your wishes because we have our own course development center. The course material has a modular structure and now consists of more than 120 teaching modules. Together we can see which modules suit your needs and what the desired duration and planning is. In an intake interview with the senior lecturer, the further details of which subjects will be discussed with which depth and from which angle will be discussed.

For who?

In many of our open registrations, people with multiple backgrounds often sit together in one course group. This gives fun interaction and promotes learning from each other. Incompany training often an approach is chosen that is specifically focused on the aspects that play a role within the own organization. For example, seen from the angle of:

  • Higher management
  • Middle management
  • Project leaders
  • Consultants
  • Users
  • Specialists
  • Train the trainer

When an organization wants to train many people, an approach can also be chosen in which we train internal candidates to become trainers for the specific training. This approach is often used to train the user organization, for example with regard to security awareness or privacy awareness. In a few days, the required subject matter is transferred to the intended trainers. Finally, a final session will focus on didactic skills, learning objectives, work forms, learning styles and presentation skills.

Course dates & group size

We often recommend using a group size of a maximum of 12 people. This leaves plenty of room for discussion and asking questions. For courses that last more than three days, we recommend that you choose one fixed day per week in terms of planning and spread the course over a number of weeks. This achieves a better learning efficiency and leaves time for the activities of the participants in the rest of that week. The exact schedule is always drawn up in consultation with you.


Depending on the situation and your wishes, we can have the training take place at your location, at our location or “somewhere in the field”. Every location has its advantages. The ultimate goals of the training (knowledge building, skills training, awareness building, team building aspects, etc.) can be supported by choosing the right location. We are happy to advise you based on our experience.

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